have you ever wondered where Birthdays come from?

What the magic behind a Birthday really holds? Or how everyone has a unique and special Birthday assigned to them? This one of a kind story takes you to the land of Celebrate, where Birthdays come from (yes, it's true!) and explains how each and every person has their own special Birthday assigned to them.

Take a journey to celebrate...

And discover what will become a cherished Birthday tradition. Learn what Birthday brings, when Birthday comes, and so much more!
Prepare to be captivated and share this tradition with any birthday boy or girl, no matter their age, and kick-off what's sure to be a magical experience for years to come.


Jordan Jones is the founder & CEO of Packed Party a lifestyle brand centered around making life a party! Jordan, a firm believer in celebrating life's little moments, grew up in a house where birthdays were a big deal and long dreamed of sharing a way to spread that same birthday magic to the world. Combining her experience designing products that spark joy with her love for making the little things into big things, Jordan wrote what's sure to be your new favorite Birthday tradition. Jordan has long shared her dream of bringing the character, Birthday, to life with friends and family. Once the idea was shared with Nicolle Hoose, lead illustrator and designer at Packed Party, Birthday was quickly born.